Welcome to the Gilroy 2040 General Plan website!

The General Plan is a long-range planning document that will serve as the “constitution” for future development. It will represent the community’s values for the next 15-20 years. The General Plan provides residents and businesses the opportunity to make Gilroy an even better community than it is today! This website is your information center for the General Plan process. The Gilroy 2040 General Plan process began in August of 2013. The 25-member General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), appointed by the City Council met 23 times and completed its work on October 28, 2015. The GPAC approved a Draft General Plan Policy Text and Draft General Plan Land Use Diagram for transmittal to the Planning Commission and City Council for their review. On January 4, 2016, the City Council approved the Draft Policy Text and Land Use Diagram for purposes of defining the “Project” to be evaluated in the General Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR). In April, 2016, the General Plan process was suspended pending the outcome of Measure H, the Urban Growth Boundary ballot initiative. In November 2016, Measure H passed, establishing an Urban Growth Boundary that restricts new development outside the boundary through 2040. In January 2017, the City Council approved an amended work program to complete the 2040 General Plan, which was initiated on June 29, 2017, with the first meeting of the reconvened and expanded General Plan Advisory Committee. The “MEETINGS” and “DOCUMENTS” tabs, above, provide access to the complete set of materials prepared for the project to-date.


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