GPAC Membership

The City of Gilroy is soliciting comments and feedback on the General Plan in a variety of ways. One way we’ve done this is by forming the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). The GPAC meets regularly to inform the General Plan process and ensure the plan reflects the values of the community.

These 30 members serve on the GPAC:

City Council Members

  • Chair: Cat Tucker, City Council
  • Roland Velasco, Mayor

Commission Members

  • Alan Apte, Youth Commission
  • Pat Bentson, Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Barbara Bottini, Arts and Culture Commission
  • Tom Fischer, Planning Commission
  • Chad Reeder, Bicycle Pedestrian Commission
  • Rebecca Scheel, Planning Commission

Members Representing Community Organizations

  • Sally Armendariz, Community and Neighborhood Revitalization Committee
  • Tammy Brownlow, Gilroy Economic Development Corporation
  • Barb Granter, Gilroy Gardens
  • Jane Howard, Gilroy Chamber of Commerce
  • Elizabeth Kuwada, Affordable Housing Developer
  • James E. Pace, Gilroy Unified School District
  • Pat Reinhart, People Acting in Community Together (PACT)
  • James Suner, Residential Developer
  • John Taft, Downtown Association
  • Carolyn Tognetti, Environmental Group Representative
  • Chris Vanni, Commercial/Industrial Developer
  • Joey Weitz, Gilroy Growing Smarter

Community Members

  • Steve Ashford, Public Member
  • Leslie Carmichael, Public Member
  • Walter Glines, Public Member
  • Joanne Fierro, Public Member
  • Danny Mitchell, Public Member
  • Deena Morsilli, Public Member
  • Jeff Speno, Public Member
  • Judith Wendt, Public Member
  • Kyle Wolfe, Public Member
  • Clint Zollinger, Public Member

At-large Member Alternates

  • Cheryl Galloway, Alternate
  • Melanie Troini, Alternate
  • John Donahoe, Alternate