Why Prepare a New General Plan?

The City of Gilroy last revised its General Plan in 2002. Over the past 11 years, the city has grown and changed. These changes require a reevaluation of the existing General Plan and a new vision for Gilroy.

Since the last General Plan process began in the late 1990s, the city population has grown by 20 percent, only two current City Council members and two Planning Commissioners remain from that planning process, and the City has survived the Great Recession. With the economy slowly improving, this General Plan process can position Gilroy for a strong, deliberate economic recovery. This planning effort will also allow the General Plan Team to use the most current planning strategies to make Gilroy resilient to future risks and protect against flood risks, improve air and water quality, and provide improved access to healthy foods. In short, it is time for a new vision and set of guiding principles that reflect the important changes of the last decade and capture the community’s aspirations for the future.